Welcome to Q8 Commerce for Consumers

At Q8 Commerce we are committed to delivering high-quality products directly to you, the consumer. Our dedicated team works hard to provide two distinctive brands to meet your diverse needs. Meet MENSINQ® and PeakX®, two brand names that target specific market segments to provide you with the best possible products.

  • MENSINQ®: The Magnetic World for Consumers

    MENSINQ® is our brand specialized in magnets for craft projects, hobbies or household needs, MENSINQ® has an extensive range of magnets to meet your expectations.

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  • PeakX®: Discover the Outside World

    PeakX® is our brand that specializes in outdoor products and equipment. Whether you're an adventurer or simply enjoy the outdoors, PeakX® offers you high-quality products for camping, hiking, traveling and more.

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